Lance Armstrong

So Lance Armstrong has come out and finally admitted that he used PED’s. This admission will be airing on Opray Winfrey’s show tomorrow and yes I will be watching. I don’t know why, but I will.

I never bought the fact that he was not using. Call me a skeptic if you must, but it never made sense that that these athletes could do what they did and then turn around and do more the next day – for three weeks. Sorry, I think they’re all using. With that said, what’s the problem? How different is the use of PED’s from say the actress that has plastic surgery to enhance her performance? I would never endorse or do either, but I guess I just don’t want success that badly. At the same time I am not in any position to judge anyone’s decision on what they do.

As far as I care what he did is still a great accomplishment. Like I said, everyone was cheating and he was clearly the best cheater. So hats off to Mr Armstrong on those seven yellow jerseys.

But you don’t get a free pass. Your sanctimonious denial of usage, even going to the extreme of suing people and organizations that accused you, was frankly pathetic. Not that I expected you to admit it from day one, but vehemence and continued denial until it suits you for some unknown reason makes you look like nothing more than a self-serving, self-centered individual.

Just out of spite, I hope whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, get shot to hell. You’ve done a lot of good for the cause of  cancer and provided great entertainment, but I’m tired of your act. Go away and let us move on to the next self-centered superstar.


Welcome to the New Year!

Not going too deep with this post, and am instead staying with a brief philosophical discussion on some of the background for this blog.

A few weeks ago I heard a guy on the radio discussing the fact that 2012 would go down as the worst year in recorded history. While I have not studied the subject in great detail, I do not question his expertise on this subject, mainly because I do not know what that is. However, I am finding it difficult to accept that statement as fact. Yes, globally this has been a rough year in many respects.  Are the human atrocities happening worldwide worse than those of the WWII years or those that occurred due to the slave trade? I really don’t know. Is the troubled worldwide economy worse than those of the depression era? Again I do not know. It seems to me that the overall health of the human species must surely be better than during the years of the black plague. But again I really do not know.

What I do know, is that I really cannot recall any other year where I personally have spoken with more people who were ready for 2012 to be over. Personally I am in that crowd. It has been a rough year and I am glad it is over. It seems the only landmark events that occurred were negative.

Now before you quit reading over disgust that this is going to be a downer of a blog, let me assure you I am not a pessimistic person. In fact I have been accused of living in a pollyanna world. While I do not agree with that assessment, I do believe that we spend too much time focusing on the negative of what may or has occurred. This focus either ignores the truly important or causes unnecessary grief worrying about things out of our control.

So yes, I am very happy to have 2012 behind us and look forward to the restart that 2013 provides. And I think there are many folks taking that same outlook. To me there seems to be a definite refocus happening in peoples’ lives. Lots of questioning on traditional views. Lots of reassessments regarding what is important.  In short, I think there is a reawakening to things in the world. Evil still persists in many forms and in many places, but hopefully this worldwide reset will prevail and things can start to change.