Talking Taxes

Obviously this is a hot topic right now with The New York Times releasing three pages of Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s 1995 income tax return. Many people are shocked and angry that based off the information contained in those three pages, it is possible that Mr Trump could have avoided paying taxes for 18 years. While I am no fan of Mr Trump, what exactly is the problem?

Seriously that first question was rhetorical. It’s obvious, a billionaire avoiding taxes for nearly 2 decades while his vast fortune exploded. It isn’t fair. It isn’t right. It’s a civic duty to pay taxes. Our schools and roads are falling apart, while some billionaire pays nothing to help. It’s pretty obvious what the problem is.

So I’ll ask another question. Why is this issue with Mr Trump a problem for you? Again I am no fan of Mr Trump, but step back a moment. No one has accused that fraud was committed. Everything appears legal. I’m siding with Mr Trump on this one and chances are you do nothing that Mr Trump didn’t do. It’s a simple question really. In fact Mr Trump’s running mate Mike Pence asked this very question of the Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine in the debate last Tuesday. Do you take every deduction you are entitled to? Not that I am a conspiracy theorist, but it is interesting to note both times Mr Pence asked the question, Elaine Quijano, the debates moderator interrupted before an answer could be provided by Mr Kaine. So ask yourself, do you take every deduction you are entitled to? That’s all Mr Trump did.

So what’s the issue. Why are you angry that Mr Trump took every legal deduction and as a result had many years in which he ended up owing no taxes? If you really look at it, the reality is you’re probably mad because of one or two reasons. You don’t like Mr Trump or you’re jealous of the Mr Trump’s success. Don’t stop there though, substitute any wealthy person for Mr Trump. Are you still as angry? Better yet substitute yourself for Mr Trump.

I took every legal deduction and as a result had many years in which I ended up owing no taxes.

You bastard, how could you do that. It is your civic duty. Are you still angry? I hope so, because then we can get at the real issue. The tax code. That is the fundamental problem. That this could occur based on our tax code, not that it is Mr Trump.



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