Maybe It’s Time For Something Different

I have no idea if this makes sense or not. It certainly will not make people feel comfortable unless society changes as well. But, who knows, maybe it is drastic enough to work.

Let’s do away with security at airports and train stations.

Crazy, huh?

Think about this for a minute or two while I expand on the thought. Most recently Brussels exposed a fundamental problem we face. Where do you put the security measures? Current set-up at airports has everything after parking, drop-off, bag check and check-in. While it may be true that the current measures prevented the explosives from reaching an airplane, they did nothing to stop the carnage at the airport.

Maybe we put security outside the airport building itself. Wouldn’t that however mean a would-be terrorist simply moves the target outside the building. Maybe we move it off the property all together and only allow travelling passengers to enter the airport grounds. Again, a would-be terrorist simply needs to relocate the point of explosion. This scenario never ends unless we put security at the front door of every American. In the words of Frank Horrigan, “That’s not gonna happen.”

So what do we do? Let’s fight back in the most extreme way possible. Let’s drop all the charades of security and devote every penny and ounce of effort to intelligence and shut them down before they can get started. Will there be airplanes blown up? Probably. Will explosions occur and people be injured. Likely, but guess what it is happening and will continue to happen under the current system. That’s why I said charade. If a terrorist wants to target a location, there is very little we can do once the plan is in motion. Any action we take with security measures only relocates the specific location. The plan needs to be stopped before it is set in motion.

I am not suggesting we target any group, ethnic or otherwise, we need to be on the vigil against evil in whatever form it comes. There are plenty of evil people from every imaginable group you can sub-divide us into. Whether it is white supremacists, Muslim extremists, disenfranchised youth of any race or religion. Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes. My thought is if we can be welcoming, yet vigilant toward all people, the isolation or persecution these folks feel will be diminished. This will lesson the occurrences.

Just a thought.


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