Happy Birthday (belated)

Happy Birthday USA!

Sorry I’m late, but I had some things to do and just did not get around to writing until now. Hopefully thing are going well for you. I know its been a tough few years, but things seem to be looking up. 

Sure there are lots of things to work out; money’s still tight, some family squabbles to deal with, and of course parts of the neighborhood seems in some total disarray. 

While I’m not sure what to do about the neighbors, they may just need to settle there own issues, I think it’s about time to get some of these family squabbles settled. And I think if you get some of those taken care of some of the money issues will work themselves out.

You know as well as I do that inviting people into your home has worked out well before and in fact it’s helped you build quite the estate. Sure every time that happened, there were some adjustment issues, but in the end every one turned out to be a welcome boost to the overall good. I don’t see what’s changed to make now any different. You should be welcoming your guests to stay and help fix the place up. Goodness knows there is plenty to do. 

The other good news is that this should also help the financial issues as well. You’ll have some money coming in that wasn’t there before. Sure there will also be some extra costs, but it’s really no different than before. Overall these new folks should make your household stronger.

I say the more the merrier. Don’t ever forget, that’s what built your home.


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