Lance Armstrong

So Lance Armstrong has come out and finally admitted that he used PED’s. This admission will be airing on Opray Winfrey’s show tomorrow and yes I will be watching. I don’t know why, but I will.

I never bought the fact that he was not using. Call me a skeptic if you must, but it never made sense that that these athletes could do what they did and then turn around and do more the next day – for three weeks. Sorry, I think they’re all using. With that said, what’s the problem? How different is the use of PED’s from say the actress that has plastic surgery to enhance her performance? I would never endorse or do either, but I guess I just don’t want success that badly. At the same time I am not in any position to judge anyone’s decision on what they do.

As far as I care what he did is still a great accomplishment. Like I said, everyone was cheating and he was clearly the best cheater. So hats off to Mr Armstrong on those seven yellow jerseys.

But you don’t get a free pass. Your sanctimonious denial of usage, even going to the extreme of suing people and organizations that accused you, was frankly pathetic. Not that I expected you to admit it from day one, but vehemence and continued denial until it suits you for some unknown reason makes you look like nothing more than a self-serving, self-centered individual.

Just out of spite, I hope whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, get shot to hell. You’ve done a lot of good for the cause of  cancer and provided great entertainment, but I’m tired of your act. Go away and let us move on to the next self-centered superstar.


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